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Here is the current collection of images for my Marvellous Mechanical Contraptions; to see larger and detail images click on the + which appears if you hover or click on the main image. You can Filter the marvellous contraptions by subject or just browse them all. Please feel free to call if you have questions or are interested in buying any prints:
T. 015394 33361

Our standard prints are 20" x 14" Giclee fine art paper. The image area will be a bit smaller to allow for a white border for mounting. The prints are delivered to you rolled in a cardboard tube, ready for you to mount and frame to your choice. I personally sign each print. Print price: £110 including UK mainland delivery. You can have other sizes on request.

The Marvellous Mechanical Traveller's Companion.

Involves a hat, useful for navigation when travelling

Essential marvellous contraption for a Victorian explorer mapping the dark corners of the World. With this contraption you can navigate your way through exotic lands with the sure knowledge of getting back home for lunch. Should you venture further afield then this model sports a tea-making facility for the thirsty traveller. Features include:

  • On-board tea making facility.
  • Mechanical pointing manicule with sighting guide.
  • Night-time illumination lantern.

Automated Barista

Indulge your passion for coffee, does not involves a hat.

There are many different kinds of coffee maker out there but you might not have seen one like this before. You can select your bean blend and have the Barista grind and gurgle to perfection before adding water, sugar and milk to your taste. We use china cups with this model as we are very environmentally aware. Features include:

  • Multi coffee bean selector.
  • Auto-grinder with speed limiter.
  • China tea cups.

Weather Predicting Contraption

Useful before travel, no hat involved.

From squally showers to the rarefied British sunshine this contraption will predict your daily weather so that you can choose your attire most appropriately. This particular model has the addition of a snowflake detector for Christmas Day, just in case you'd like to win your bet. Features include:

  • Handy casters for portability.
  • Suntan solution for rare moments of British sunshine.
  • Patented weather recording graph using finest parchment.

His Master's Voice (Gramophonium)

For music lovers, no hat involved.

An essential piece of equipment for those vinyl aficionados. Featuring a multi-selector you can program your song choice and have the Gramophonium select, dust and place each vinyl on the turntable, ready to play. This model features electrical power and a governor to prevent over-spin. We have included three speeds: 33 1/3, 78 and the little know 42rpm to give iTunes a run for its money. Features include:

  • Multi vinyl stack with programmable playlist.
  • Mains powered with hand crank backup.
  • Auto lint-free buffer.

Photographer's hat

Involves a hat, useful for any travelling photographer

Never miss a photographic opportunity with this all-in-one Photographer's Hat. Looking like a proper gentleman when you're out taking photographs can only be a good thing; and the 'birdie' comes built in! We have included an auto-setting and manual chain-operated shutter release together with a filter stack and super flash bulb for those evening shots. Features include:

  • Compact design. Will not attract unwanted attention.
  • Automatic birdie deployment system.
  • Impressive three frames per minute.

Goggle Search Engine

For the knowledge-gatherer - just type your question, no hat involved.

Explore the world of knowledge but be warned this search engine takes up a bit more space than most! Our Goggle Search Engine permits searches from a wide ranging encyclopaedic library. The page flicker is then programmed to find the exact entry before it is scanned by the patented Goggle Scanner. We have included a safety anti-virus vial just in case. Please note that the search engine has Goggle Ads which will appear in the bottom right-hand corner. Features include:

  • Full encyclopaedia library.
  • Fake news detector.
  • Anti-virus capsule.

Morning Post Sorting Contraption

The Victorian-style sorting office, no hat involved.

Looking behind the scenes at the postal service is fascinating. Looking behind the scenes at the postal service is fascinating. This contraption makes the task of sorting the post automated and hassle-free. Once the letters are posted the rollers ensure that they are flat before being scanned for the correct postal address and stamp. No stamp or scruffy handwriting will result in the letter being incinerated! The Auto-Postie will then safely deliver you letters to the correct door. Features include:

  • Letter roller.
  • Postcode & stamp auto-reader.
  • Auto-postie.

The Thought Distiller

Involves a hat, your thoughts captured.

In a hectic Edwardian world it can sometimes be difficult to juggle one's many thoughts. Not anymore! When you need to store a thought simply put the attached hat on and your thoughts will be painlessly extracted and processed before being bottled and labelled for future use. Features include:

  • Painless thought extraction module (with comfy hat).
  • Idle thought mode.
  • Daydream mode.

Beat the bookies

The ultimate for any keen gambler, no hat included.

Set this predictor to any date in the future and see what the lottery, football results or stocks & shares will be on that date. Due to an unforeseen error in the mark one version we have introduced an emergency stop button. Features include:

  • Emergency stop button.
  • Easy programmer for accurate dates.
  • Lots of flashing lights.


Cute and informative, no hat involved.

We thought we'd create the perfect pooch out of old bits and pieces we found lying around. Modelled on a West Highland Terrier we managed to fit in full suspension together with tail wagging cogs and a bladder made from an old bagpipe! Features include:

  • Postie friendly.
  • Compact size.
  • Full suspension.

Life, the Universe blah blah…

You can never have too many 42s, no hat involved.

We searched high and low for a contraption that would make 42s. We gave up and made one ourselves from various things we found in our virtual collection. Our contraption uses the glory of steam to mould the numbers. We also added an auto-painter to colour things up a bit. Features include:

  • Lots of steam.
  • Precision moulding module.
  • Auto-painter.