Dayve Ward's Marvellous Mechanical Contraptions

Welcome to my wonderfully weird world of marvellous mechanical contraptions. My artwork is inspired by an inventive and curious mind, a dash of nostalgia, a soupcon of Utopian Edwardian charm and a large blob of humour and bewilderment.

My imaginary 2D contraptions evolve through sketches and scribbles and too much tea. I look at how I can re-invent various machines or processes and apply a Heath Robinson-meets-Wallace & Gromit approach to making them over-complicated.

When it's time to 'build' my contraptions I source the various components from my virtual collection. A collection built up over time from visits to curious places, museums, archives and just roaming around. If I find a rusting tool in a forgotten toolbox I see a connecting rod, or maybe I see an old bicycle chain as a conveyor belt.... Copper pipes, cogs, springs and unidentified widgets all play a part in my weird world.

Oh, and sometimes, I get to dress up as the 'Victorian gentleman' which can't be bad either!

If you're interested in seeing my Gallery of Marvellous Mechanical Contraptions please visit my Gallery page. There's a lot of detail in each image so do please take the time to enjoy all the elements, I hope you enjoy looking.
If you're interested in buying one of my prints, please contact me direct by phone or through my contact form, I'll be happy to answer any questions or queries without any obligation.

More about me and my photography...

I am a professional commercial photographer, and have been for over 30 years, and I love taking photographs so much it's my hobby as well as my occupation. Working on a brief for a client is exciting but working on your own brief gives you total freedom to be completely original and that's what I enjoy best. If you'd like to see examples of other creative work I've done, please visit my general art photography website: Figment Photography.

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